May 1, 2013

like another planet


Arches National Park was breathtaking.  It is impossible to capture the power and awe of these massive red rock structures with a photograph.  They just aren't done justice.  It is not just the scale and look that can't be captured, but the feeling that is invoked by seeing, sitting, touching, and breathing amongst, these mammoth structures. 

Canyonlands was like a world unto itself.  We only saw a portion of the park (Island in the Sky), and we only stood on the edges of the canyons, looking down: awestruck, gobsmacked.  I felt like I was seeing an alien planet.  Or perhaps I truly felt that I am on a planet.  That our planet is not just cities and shops, internet and television.  It is something much more archaic; much less human.  It has been formed by forces far beyond our control.  I felt reminded that my life is only a miniscule presence in an infinite, whirling universe full of planets, stars, and space.
 I felt humbled.  I felt awed. 

the colorado river

We set up camp along the colorado river.  Tucked into the valley, the river sang us to sleep.  

April 29, 2013

Springtime in Yellowstone

Arrived home yesterday after more than a week away.  We left the boy with his grandparents at the farm (so many adventures for a wee boy at the farm during springtime!), and traveled by car all the way south to Arches and Canyonland National Parks in Utah. 

Our journey took us along the edge of Yellowstone (the road passing through the park was still closed).  For now, traveling the outskirtting highway was beauty enough.  I made D. pull over twice near the orange-amber-rust underbush, as the contrast was too much to view only from my seat in the car.  I spotted a crisp river running along by the road.  We pulled off.  I crept down by the waters edge to dip my fingers in the icy mountain water.  There was wild sage all about us, it's silvery sheen complimenting the rusty shrubbery, lush forest and ivory snow. 

Just before arriving in West Yellowstone we encountered wild bison.  They sauntered about, cool and confident, indifferent to the people snapping photographs in awe.  

April 10, 2013

in anticipation of... fresh air, star gazing, campfires...

The light was pretty this morning so I snapped a few shots of the plants atop my piano.  I love the fern.  I am not sure what type it is, but its feathery lightness feels zen-like and calm to me. 


D. and I are off on a camping adventure in a week or so.  Wilf is staying at the farm with his grandma and grandpa.  We are heading south with the eventual destination to be Arches and Canyonland National Parks.  I haven't ever been before.  I originally wanted to get to the Grand Canyon but we just won't have enough time.  On the way down we may pass through Yellowstone, if the roads are open, and then on to Grand Teton.  On the journey home we will camp in Rocky Mountain National Park.  But really, this adventure is about the journey. 

I think what I am most looking forward to is being out on the land.  Camping and hiking and adventuring.  Getting out of the city for a bit.  Away from people.  Reconnecting with my partner and nurturing that relationship.  But mainly I am looking forward to fresh air, star gazing, campfires, and waking up early to the sounds of nature. 

March 27, 2013

Archaic adornment

I spent the weekend in a silversmithing workshop.  And this little beauty is the product of it.  Rustic and heavy.  I infused a little piece of my soul into this archaic-looking adornment. It belongs to me, and me to it.

Sterling, horsecanyon moss agate, tahoma jasper.

March 22, 2013

Contemplations and meditations


I had a realization recently.  

Sometimes I get anxious and my fears slowly eat away at my consciousness, until I lay in bed at night worrying endless worries: something will happen to my man; my child will be picked on in school or have his heart broken; one day my parents will no longer be here.


I can choose to banish fear.  I can choose to live in trust

Trust that life will take the course it is mean to.  Trust that I will be able to deal with what ever comes my way.  For living in trust means casting fear out, and this leads to meaningfulness and fulfillment.

Trust in the universe.  Trust in humanity.  Trust in goodness.       


"We never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we are born"  
- Albert Einstein   

A sense of wonder, curiosity and adventure.  I am cultivating wonder.  I strive to look at the world as a playground: to explore and discover.  

Banish boredom.  Banish indifference.  Steer out of that rut.  

Life is mysterious. Life is beautiful.  Live in wonder of the great mystery that life is.   


"Life is too short. My personal motto has always been: Joy in spite of everything. Not just [mindless] joy, but joy in spite of everything. Recognizing the inequities and the suffering and the corruption and all that but refusing to let it rain on my parade. "
- Tom Robbins

When I think of joy, I think of my almost-two-year-old son's laugh.  He has the most hearty, delightful laugh.  It fills my soul with bliss.

Joy is paramount.  For in spite of frustration, anger, sadness, loss, and death, there is always joy.
Joy becomes that much more meaningful, because of life's darkness.

So the next time you hear your wee child squealing with delight (or whatever your joy-inducing trigger may be), stop and feel the joy.  Absorb it.  Revel in it.  Saturate yourself in it and wear it like armor.  Pour it into the well of your soul, where it will infuse your very being.        

March 14, 2013

A blustery stroll

This morning I packed thermos, long-johns, and camera, and headed over to Gabriel Dumont Park for a blustery river walk.  It was windy and snow was just starting to whip up, but it was good and refreshing to spend some time outside.  The river was churning along, carrying stray chunks of ice  downstream.  And while the weather was tempestuous and chilly, the river sang its own song, lapping at the ice and dancing down the land.